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Company Profile

     Fujian Chenggong Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. It holds the tenet of "people oriented, quality and quantity assurance, managing with good faith" chronically, achieving the idea of “advance with the times, create continually". The company situates in China charismatic city Quanzhou. Quanzhou as an old cultural city is time-honored and was a Maritime Silk Road, also it is the hometown of the national hero Zheng chenggong.

       Enterprise scale: our industrial park covers an area of 250 acres. The annual production of castings more than 30000 tons, it can be process the largest single nodular iron and grey cast iron within 50 tons. With all kinds of heavy machinery and processing equipment such as: large gear hobbing machine, large gantry planer, imported gantry CNC guideway grinder, horizontal boring machine, cylindrical grinding machine and so on, including CMM, Laser Interferometer. Advanced detection methods, creating high-end machine tools.

      Our major products: Single column CNC vertical turning lathe, double column CNC vertical turning lathe, horizontal boring and milling machine series. In terms of development and innovation, especially the series of vertical turning lathe through the certification . Our products realize the industry level, it brings the higher recognition and honor in the market.

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